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1:1 Coaching Programs 

Find the right program for you

Ideal for those interested in a more direct and personalized coaching experience.  All Careersy programs have been expertly crafted based on more than 10+ years of tech recruitment and hiring knowledge. 

All sessions are recorded & shared with you for your convenience. 

Everything is 100 % confidential. 

Please talk to me about your preferences. 

From $500 

Careersy Starter 

This is a great and simple option for job seekers that need support with revising their resume and
LinkedIn profile.


This program will provide you with a brand-new resume that is designed to get you more interviews and catch the recruiter's attention in under
7 seconds.

You will also receive a 1:1 masterclass on how to use LinkedIn to generate passive job opportunities and grow your personal brand.

Careersy Lite 

This is the ideal option for job seekers that need immediate support in their job search.

This program will provide you with all the foundational skills and resources to secure job interviews and
job offers, fast. ​

I'll teach you the unique Careersy method to navigate the hiring process with confidence to pass more interviews and receive
more job offers. 


This includes a tailored resume, LinkedIn profile review and career advice that you can leverage forever.

From $700 

Careersy Premium

This is a comprehensive and in-depth career coaching program designed to help you find your career path and equip you with the right skills to impress any hiring manager.


This program will dramatically increase your chances of getting hired, and enable you to stand out from your competition. 

You will learn the unique Careersy method to make your next job hunt more fun and less stressful. Gain the tools to navigate the hiring process with confidence so you can pass more interviews and receive more job offers. 

From $1000 




What's Included

Career Transition Coaching 
  • 1-1 Coaching with Eli via Google Meets 

  • Learn the do's and don'ts 

  • Understand the market and where you can fit in

  • Analysis of your current situation, roadblocks and goals 

  • Actionable steps on how to achieve your career goals

Resume Feedback + Rebranding 
  • A tailored resume and actionable advice on how to improve it

  • Full access to the unique Careersy resume template that captures the recruiter and hiring manager's attention

  • A resume structure that's clean, easy to read and recruiter best-practices adhering 

  • Free Careersy resume template updates 

LinkedIn Profile Feedback + Networking Guidance
  • Actionable advice on how to tailor and improve your LinkedIn profile 

  • Learn how to use the power of LinkedIn to grow your network and connect with thought leaders, hiring managers and recruiters

  • Get noticed and generate more passive job offers with a targeted LinkedIn profile

  • Understand the LinkedIn Recruiter backend to get found faster than everyone else

Custom Mock Interviews & Feedback
  • Careersy will help you strengthen your interviewing muscle

  • We will conduct mock interviews where you will receive critical and valuable feedback 

  • Learn how to prepare and pass behavioural/technical interviews and what it takes to pass an entire interview process

  • Get better at predicting interviews and interview questions that fit your desired roles

Job Search Guidance 
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and other resources to connect and network with the right decision-makers 

  • Use the Careersy networking model to connect with key decision-makers

  • Learn how to connect with and effectively communicate with recruiters

  • Learn how to engage and connect with agency recruiters to help you find more job opportunities 

  • 1:1 discussion and guidance on identifying the right career path and salary

Leadership Training 
  • Careersy will help you strengthen your interviewing skills specifically for leadership positions

  • We will conduct mock interviews where you will receive critical but valuable feedback on your leadership experience 

  • Identifying the right position, salary and how to communicate your leadership value to the hiring manager

Lifetime access to your Career Coach
  • Access to Eli via LinkedIn and Email during weekdays

  • Automatic access to the Careersy Community on Slack where we share community-only content

  •  You can drop in and ask questions long after your coaching engagement has been finalised 

Happy Careersy Customers

Ane. H - Security Consultant 

My coaching journey with Eli was very positive! He is a great professional, always proactive, engaged and very passionate about what he does. He has helped me to land a role here in Sydney, Australia. His guidance and tips were invaluable to my success.


I highly recommend him!

Rasam S. Lead Platform (DevOps) Engineer 

Eli from Careersy was quite helpful, experienced and knowledgeable in multiple industries. He has helped me refine my brand and get noticed in the market.


He's definitely interested in helping individuals become more successful in their journeys and career. Working with Eli was instrumental to my success and the path I wanted to pursue.

How it Works

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We'll discuss your challenge(s) & career goals in detail.

Receive a free proposal & breakdown of your coaching program.

Start your program, choose your payment plan & get hired
3x faster.

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FAQs & Costs

Please get in touch with me for a free consultation. This way you can get direct answers to your specific questions. Having said that, below are my most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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