Career Coaching Lite

Finding a new job is complex, stressful, and time-consuming. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will clear the way so you can be at your best when it matters most.

This program is designed to assist job seekers that need immediate support on their job search. This program will provide you with all the foundational skills and resources to secure job interviews and job offers fast. 

Who is it for?

The Career Coaching Lite program is most suitable for job seekers in the tech industry who are actively seeking a new job, but aren't receiving much response from applications. Best for those have been job hunting for a while without success.


The structure:

  • Analysis of your current situation, roadblocks and desired role

  • 2 x one-on-one hour-long sessions (via Google Meets) 

  • 1 x hour-long interview simulation training  (includes role-playing)

  • New mindset & understanding of the whole recruitment process 

  • New resume following industry best practices and Application Tracking System (ATS) proof

  • Total Linkedin profile transformation to elevate your personal brand & make you discoverable to the right recruiters

  • Best practice interviewing skills 

  • Monday - Friday access to the coach throughout the program (email, phone calls, Whatsapp or LinkedIn)

What you'll learn:


  • How to communicate more clearly and concisely 

  • New networking tactics to secure a future full of career opportunities

  • The do's and don'ts when it comes to salary and contract negotiations

  • How to apply for the right role(s) to receive more interview requests

  • How to write a resume that will stand out from your competition

  • How to build a LinkedIn profile that will be immediately noticed by recruiters/headhunters

  • How to increase your perceived value

  • How to use your strengths and authenticity to find your next role

  • How to deal with rejections 

  • How to be more successful with video calls 

Happy Careersy Clients

Eli from Careersy was quite helpful, experienced and knowledgeable in multiple industries. He has helped me refine my brand and get noticed in the market.


He's definitely interested in helping individuals become more successful in their journey and career. Working with Eli was instrumental to my success and the path I wanted to pursue.

Rasam S. - Lead Platfrom Engineer 

Eli is one of the best recruiters/career coaches that I met in my life. His skills are very tailored to the specific market needs, he has great theoretical and practical experience which is SUPER for job seekers. His ability to understand your personality and shows your weaknesses and strengths is amazing.

His directions and techniques in CV content, LinkedIn search,

and interview preparation is brilliant.


Mohammed A. - Lead Data Engineer 

I am happy to recommend Eli as a tremendous recruiter and career coach, who provides candidates with confidence to crack interviews without fear and hesitation. Even though I had done groundwork over last few years both in and out of work, to move into a AWS DevOps consultancy role, finding the right company with the right learning and growth opportunities was difficult.


When Eli reached out to me, he laid out the job requirements clearly and ensured I was briefed enough to tackle the follow up interviews without fear and apprehension.


He kept updates quick and detailed, giving me feedback on weak and strong points. When the role finally materialised, I was impressed that the offer and contract were quickly drawn up. I accepted it without much hesitation. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him.

Bobo M. - Lead Cloud Engineer 

Finding a job is hard.
We make it easier.