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Careersy Wingman

End-to-end, fully managed job search.
You just sit back and attend the interviews I setup for you.

What is it? 

We understand that finding a new role can be challenging, stressful, and time-consuming. Have you ever wished for a service that could manage your entire job search process until you have an offer in your hands? A service where all you need to do is show up for the interviews arranged for you? Look no further than Careersy Wingman.

This unique service complements my recruiting skills, my extensive network and deep understanding of the hiring process. As your Wingman, it is my responsibility to find jobs for you based on a set of predefined criteria, apply for those jobs, and connect with key hiring managers and recruiters on your behalf.

This service is ideal for people who are time-poor, currently employed, unemployed, have been laid off, or are relocating to Australia.

How does it work? 

1️⃣ We will begin with a 90-minute onboarding call to understand and discuss your needs and goals. During this call, I will explain the Careersy Wingman process in detail.


2️⃣ After that, you will gain access to your central portal where you can see and manage the weekly progress on the different jobs, their status and comments for each application made.

3️⃣ We will launch your Wingman program on a Wednesday, following our first call.

4️⃣ As your Wingman, my priority will be to find, select, and share jobs that match your profile and preferences. Before applying for any job, you will have the opportunity to review it.

5️⃣ You can either accept or reject the job options presented and provide feedback on what you liked or disliked about them to improve the entire selection process.

6️⃣ Then, I will get to work doing what I do best: job hunting on your behalf. This means applying for tech jobs, leveraging my 5k + network and deep industry contacts. I'll connect with key decision-makers (hiring managers & recruiters) to organise your job interviews on your behalf. All you have to do is show up to interviews. The Wingman will always be at your side to prepare you for interviews, help you with communicating with recruiters / hiring managers or answer any questions you might have. 

A typical week for your Wingman

Wednesday (*this can be tailored to your unique situation)

Onboarding (90 minutes) and program launch for the next 4 weeks. You will have constant access to your Wingman and your dashboard throughout the entire program.


The Wingman will start the job search process using over 10 years of recruitment skills and find between 5-10 potential jobs. These will then be shared with you via your dashboard for review before applying on your behalf.


The Wingman will apply to preselected roles on your behalf. Each time, your resume will be slightly adjusted for the role to increase its relevance and impact. The goal is to apply for at least 3-5 roles per week, but this number may increase or decrease depending on role availability in the market.

Monday to Wednesday

The most important part of this service is networking on your behalf and connecting you to my network of hiring managers and recruiters. Your Wingman takes a quality approach and will share data on how many connections have been made and who has been messaged using the dashboard. Networking activities will focus on connecting with key decision-makers like recruiters and/or hiring managers of specific companies and/or locations. The goal is to generate interviews for your desired position on your behalf faster than the traditional way.

Having a Wingman has its benefits:

  • Interview training before each interview (premium package only)

  • Unlimited access to Eli via email, Slack, Whatsapp and/or LinkedIn throughout the program

  • Support with all communication between you and the recruiter/hiring manager

  • An accountability partner and expert advisor on the entire recruitment process


✅ By using this service, you will save countless hours of job searching each week and experience fewer rejections or ghosting from recruiters.

✅ Results can vary between clients (due to factors outside of my control), but on average, about 90% receive interviews within 4 weeks.

✅ Some will receive offers within 2 weeks while others may take up to 90 days 

This unique service in the Australian job market has only one goal: namely to find you the right role, with the best possible package as quickly as possible for you.

Still have an unanswered question?

I know the job search inside out.

Let me get you hired. Choose your Wingman plan today. Cancel anytime or until you're hired.

  • Well-Timed

    Every month
    Coaching advice only when you need
    Valid for 3 months
    • Instant messaging via Text, WhatsApp & LinkedIn
    • Unlimited questions on interviewing, resume, challenges etc.
    • Fortnightly, 30 min 1:1 Google meet coaching sessions
    • Reply within 2 hours on weekdays
    • Access to Careersy network for potential referrals
  • Lite

    Every week
    A fully managed job search from application to interviews.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • A full Resume & LinkedIn profile revamp
    • Weekly 1:1 coaching catch up sessions (interview training)
    • Find, select and apply to 3-5 jobs each week
    • Networking via LinkedIn to connect you with decision makers
    • Dedicated Wingman throughout the entire process
    • Support with all your communication with recruiters
    • Proactively send your profile to key hiring managers
  • Premium

    Every week
    Fully managed job search from application to offer(s) stage
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Everything that is mentioned in the Lite package
    • 1:1 preparation before each interview
    • Guide you to get the highest salary and compensation package
    • Direct communication with me via SMS and phone throughout
    • No waiting period and immediate start on your job search


Please get in touch with me for a free consultation. This way you can get direct answers to your specific questions. Having said that, below are my most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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