Career Coaching for people in tech

Backed by years of expertise in the IT recruitment industry.


Careersy can help you to:

  • Receive more interview requests to land a new role that is challenging and career-advancing. ​​

  • Better understand and manage risks in the recruitment process to maximize your chances to get an offer. ​

  • How to sell your experience concisely to recruiters and hiring managers.  

  • Write an effective resume and LinkedIn profile that will get you more interviews much faster.

  • Improve your interpersonal skills.

  • Find your strengths and give you the right career guidance

We have successfully coached over

21 clients to find new jobs

6 to change careers 

45 to rebrand their LinkedIn

5 to relocate to Australia 


Tired of rejections,

feeling stuck, and

having no career path?


We have a solution! 

Finding a
fulfilling career or job isn't reserved only for the lucky few, it's cause and effect.  

At Careersy, we help you focus on the simple but effective actions that create big results.

Taking you from ambiguity to clarity, Careersy will find end-to-end solutions for every career problem. 


We're obsessed with the world of recruitment, technology and hiring process.  All our coaching programs and methodologies are centered around simplicity, effectiveness and specialisation. 

We will push you outside of your comfort zone whilst helping you tackle personal barriers to move forward. 

Finding your next role and managing your career is a skill. 

We teach that skill through our programs.

How does this work? 

Careersy Coaching provides you with everything you need to be successful in preparing, finding and securing job opportunities in the Australian market.


No B.S. — we provide a trusting environment and give you the tools to help you in every stage of your career and recruitment process.

Pick         Coaching Program 

Brand new or a seasoned IT professional?

We have a program fit for you.

Proven Process 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding and securing a role.


Our four programs involve practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and increase your chances of landing a job.

1-on-1 Sessions  

Our programs are specifically designed to set you up for maximum success.


Detailed unbiased discussions, strategising, improved self-awareness and regular contact with your coach will get you to your goal faster, minus the stress.

Every session is specifically designed around your needs.

Expert Mentorship

We have over 8 years of IT recruitment, HR and coaching experience.


We have interviewed more than 1000 IT professionals and helped over 250 people with their interview skills, career plans and securing a job in the tech industry. 


Our clients are our long term commitments.

Working with us you will learn:

1. How to properly prepare for any tech and/or final interview in less than 5 mins.

2. How to tab into the hidden job market. 

3. How to write a resume that'll get you more interviews with fewer applications.

4. Techniques and strategies you can apply for job offer negotiations.

5. How to sell your value in a concise and professional manner, both written and verbally. 

6. Enable you with the tools to figure out what direction you can take for your next career move. 

Find a new job.
  • Learn the do’s & don’ts when applying for new roles

  • Get expert advice on how to sell your experience

  • Learn what recruiters look for in your resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Gain life long interview skills and self-awareness

  • We will use life-like job interview simulation to boost your confidence

LinkedIn rebranding.
  • Learn how to craft and write a professional LinkedIn profile in 2021

  • Know how to optimise your profile to get more job offers

  • Learn what hard skills and keywords you need to be in the top results in recruiters LinkedIn search

  • Know what to avoid and how to engage with your community

  • Understand how LinkedIn works and how recruiters headhunt new talent

Relocate to Australia.
  • We will get your required documents ready that are in line with the local market and standards ( i.e. resume, cover letter, visa status, LinkedIn profile )

  • Learn where to find the right job opportunities and how to sell yourself as well as current visa situation

  • Learn how to identify the ‘right’ recruiters that have a great network and clients

  • Gain life long interview skills, self-awareness and the local culture without being in Australia

  • Know what to avoid when relocating to Australia from any country

Change jobs / careers
  • Gain clarity and focus on what’s next and discover unforeseen opportunities

  • Understand what your market value is through market analysis to negotiate better

  • Identify hidden opportunities within your company

  • Know how to network in and outside your organisation

  • Reframe your current situation to reduce unnecessary stress

  • Learn how to position yourself for a promotion and how to up-skill yourself with in-demand skills


Life is colourful and we’re all in unique situations. 

We can tailor a program specific to your needs, situation and goals.


There is always a way out, sometimes you just need a new perspective. 


This program is specifically designed to help you during these unprecedented times. We will work on your resume, your personal brand, your interview skills (video) and your application strategies to maximise your chances of getting interviews.


Some tech roles are in high demand. Give yourself the best possible chances to succeed in the new world. 

*** We will offer you a discount if you have been effected by Covid-19

All your career needs. In one place. Careersy.