Hi- I'm Eli 👋.

Empowering your tech journey and boosting your career to the top.

Over the past decade, I’ve partnered with top recruitment agencies, high-growth consultancies and fintech startups, and industry leaders like Atlassian. From new graduates to senior leadership roles, I’ve recruited and coached more than 300+ professionals find new jobs and more fulfilling careers in tech.

Why Choose Careersy Coaching? Since launching in 2021, my mission has been to accelerate your career growth using the deep insights I’ve gained from years as a technical recruiter within the tech industry. At Careersy, we don’t leave your career progression to chance; it’s about leveraging an insider’s perspective and strategically applying it to your advantage.

  • My Approach

    At Careersy Coaching, I prioritize a personalized and professional approach. Understanding the nuances of technical recruitment and the hiring process is just the beginning:

    Personal branding: Learn how to be distinguishable, discoverable, and distinct.

    Interviewing Skills: Transform from verbose to succinct, ensuring you make a compelling first impression.

    Career development & job search strategies : Maximize every opportunity and discover how to find roles beyond the traditional “Apply Here” button.

  • My Niche = Your Value

    Born in Germany and enriched with extensive international recruitment experience, I possess deep insights into the challenges of relocating, particularly to Australia. I’ve successfully recruited top talent for leading companies like Woolworths Group, Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Tyro, QBE, and CBA. My expertise also extends to innovative environments like the unicorn startup Airwallex, and the tech-focused Mantel Group, as well as Atlassian, a global leader in technology.

    This diverse background gives me an insider’s view of what hiring managers and recruiters truly seek, enabling me to provide nuanced advice that’s rooted in real-world experience. Over the last decade, I’ve developed strategies that are effective across various sectors, not just in technology, ensuring broad applicability and transformative results for all my clients.

    Whether you’re aiming for a breakthrough in tech or transitioning to a new industry, my coaching is tailored to navigate complex job markets and drive your career forward.

I’ll lead you to clarity, knowledge, and confidence when it matters the most.