Hi- I'm Eli 👋.

Empowering your tech journey and boosting your career to the top.

I've spent the last decade in recruitment, working with top recruitment agencies, the fastest-growing startups, and Atlassian. I've recruited for a variety of roles, from graduates to senior, principal, and head-of positions. I’m proud to have helped over 500 people find more fulfilling roles and advance their careers.

My mission now is to use this experience to fast-track your career growth.

My belief is simple: take charge of your career, and you'll discover greater joy and success. At Careersy Coaching, which I launched in 2021, I share the insights that can make this a reality for you.

Working in recruitment, I've learned that the right insights open doors to exceptional opportunities, especially in tech. Through Careersy Coaching, you'll gain access to these insights, propelling your career forward with purpose, not by chance.

Ready to transform your career? Let's embark on this journey together.

  • My Approach

    Careersy Coaching offers a personalized and professional 1-on-1 coaching system, grounded in an in-depth understanding of technical recruitment and the entire hiring process.

    I guide my clients in effectively communicating their skills, experiences, and unique strengths to the right audience. This not only improves their self-awareness but also helps them identify and overcome obstacles on their path to their dream job.

    My coaching programs are centered around three core areas:

    1. Personal Branding: Learn to stand out, be easily found, and differentiate yourself.
    2. Interviewing Skills: Master the art of turning opportunities into job offers.
    3. Process Management: Ensure every opportunity is fully leveraged for career advancement.
  • My Niche = Your Value

    Born in Germany with a wealth of international recruitment experience, I have a keen insight into the challenges of relocating, especially to Australia. In the Australian job market, I've successfully recruited top talent for leading companies including Woolworths Group, Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Tyro, QBE, and CBA. My recruiting expertise spans from working with a Unicorn startup, Airwallex, to a cloud consultancy, Mantel Group, and Atlassian, a global tech leader.

    My coaching is rooted in this rich, firsthand experience, offering an insider’s perspective on the decision-making processes of hiring managers and recruiters. Over the past decade, I've gathered practical, real-world knowledge that shapes the advice I give.

    While my background is in tech, my coaching services are open to clients across all sectors. The strategies for successful job searches and career growth are broadly applicable, even as my direct experience is in the tech industry.

I'll guide you to clarity, knowledge, and confidence – empowering you to earn more, design a better work life, and find joy in your career.