Revamp your CV: A short guide on how to stand out to recruiters!

Revamp your CV: A short guide on how to stand out to recruiters!

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This week, I'll show you how to you can write a standout resume.  If you find this post helpful, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy!

Alright, let’s get real for a sec. Have you ever looked at your job title and thought, “Hmm, that doesn’t quite capture all the good stuff I bring to the table”? Maybe on paper, you’re a “Measurement Manager,”  at a tech giant like Google, but in the real world, you’re more of a Product Manager, crafting roadmaps, defining the nitty-gritty, and basically being the behind-the-scenes hero.

So, what are you suppose to do?

You’re eyeing those product management roles, but your CV feels a bit like it’s wearing someone else’s clothes. Don't worry!

Let me share how you can overcome this dilemma and turn your resume into a interview landing document, especially if you’re dreaming of landing a role with that is  $140k+ salary tag and above.  

First Impressions are everything: 

1. Simplicity Is your best friend: Let’s talk looks. And by looks, I mean your CV's layout. You might think dressing it up in a bunch of fancy graphics or colors will make it stand out, but trust me, simplicity is your secret weapon.  Leonardo da Vinci was right when he said: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." A clean, crisp layout in classic black and white is what matters in your CV and for the application tracking system (ATS). This will ensure that the recruiter or hiring managers check out your accomplishments, not your font choices.
2. The XYZ Formula: Ever heard of the XYZ formula? It’s kinda like introducing yourself with a firm handshake—it leaves an impression. It goes like this: “Achieved X, as measured by Y, by doing Z.” It’s a snappy way to showcase your wins.
  • Boosted user engagement by 40% by implementing a game-changing content strategy.” It’s straightforward, impactful, and gets right to the point.
  • Led the implementation of cloud infrastructure for a global scale e-commerce business , resulting in a 45 % reduction in AWS infrastructure costs that saved the company 150k AUD annually and improved system reliability. 
    (These are example from the Careersy Resume templates, which you can check out here)

3. Demystifying titles: Align your job titles with industry standards to enhance your discoverability. Not sure what those are? Research roles you're interested in on platforms like LinkedIn or Seek, and adjust your titles accordingly. This simple change can significantly boost your visibility. Your internal titles are important for your company but out there they don’t mean much.


  • Swap your internal title, "Senior Integration Engineer L2," for a more universally recognized title like "Senior Backend Engineer" or "Senior Software Engineer.
  • “Measurement manager” becomes “Product Manager”

What’s inside counts: crafting your content

1. Put your best foot forward: When you’re telling a story, you don’t save the best part for last, right? Same goes for your CV. Lead with your blockbuster achievements. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, check out these awesome things I did!” right from the get-go. It grabs attention and makes them want to dive deeper. You only have about 7 seconds to grab the recruiters attention. 


  • Reported directly to the Head of Engineering, partnered with security team, engineering managers and tech leads to empower and adopt DevOps, security-first, cloud-first culture to support 1000+ deployments a month across 100+ microservices.
    (These are example from the Careersy Resume templates, which you can check out here)

2. Numbers don't lie: Nothing says “I’m a big deal” quite like hard numbers. Did you increase sales, reduce costs, or grow your team? Those numbers are like gold—flaunt them. If you can make your achievements quantifiable, you’re speaking the language of “hire me.”


  • Improved code base quality by improving the typing of over 4500 TypeScript files through automation
  • Architected and designed large-scale application that is used by 100k users
  • Optimized the build infrastructure and improved build speed by over 70%

3. Action verbs are essential: If your CV reads like a grocery list of “managed” and “helped,” it’s time to spice things up. Use action verbs that are impactful. Like, revolutionized, orchestrated, catapulted, spearheaded etc. —now we’re talking. It keeps things lively and underscores your role as a mover and shaker.

For instance:

  • Introduced several new technical concepts including Trunk-based Development, TDD and behavioural testing 
  • Pioneered through action: Collaborated directly with engineering teams to explore and delineate best practices, facilitating workshops and securing essential certifications ahead of the curve. Subsequently guided fellow engineers in accruing expertise and achieving their own certifications

Good questions you can ask yourself when writing your resume:

Make an impact : Not every line needs to drop the mic, but when you can, highlight the moments where you really made a difference.

Ask yourself, “What cool stuff happened because of what I did?” That’s the stuff that deserves a spotlight.

Skills in action: Skip the keyword skills list and instead, lace those skills throughout your achievements. It gives them context and proves you’re not just tossing in buzzwords—you’re using them in action. 

Ask yourself: "How did my unique skills directly contribute to the success of a project or improve the company's bottom line?"

Tech landscape: Got tech skills? Awesome, but let’s not turn your CV into a tech manual. Mention the tech tools you’ve wielded with finesse, but keep the focus balanced. Remember, you’re showcasing a bouquet of skills, not just your tech prowess.

Ask yourself: "How have I applied my technical skills in a way that made a tangible difference to my team or project outcomes?" OR "Which tech tools did I master and deploy to creatively solve problems or enhance project outcomes, without overshadowing my broader skill set?"

Remember this:

  • KIR - Keep It Relevant: Whether your CV is one page or three, what matters is keeping it relevant. I recommend my clients to keep your resume to max 4 pages.  Try your best to tailor it to the role like it’s made just for you.
  • Proofread, then proofread again: Typos are the party crashers of CVs. Give yours a thorough check to keep those uninvited guests out.
  • Networking is your secret weapon: Don’t just rely on your CV; get out there and connect with folks. The right conversation can open doors that a CV alone might not.

Crafting a standout CV isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about showcasing your unique story, your achievements, and the wonderful personality you can bring to a team.

Use these tips to portray yourself in your CV, especially when you have had non-standard job titles. Remember, your CV is written for recruiters and hiring managers. Let's give them what they want. 


Enjoyed diving into these tips? Great news—I've crafted a comprehensive resume handbook, complete with two tailor-made templates ready for you to use. They're designed not just to help you apply these strategies but also to get you shortlisted at way faster. Dive into the resume handbook and templates right away and start your journey to getting noticed quicker. Check them out here!

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