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Get to know me
and my coaching approach


My Approach 


The Careersy Coaching system is a 1-on-1, highly personalized and professional coaching system based on specific technical recruitment know-how and understanding of the entire hiring process.


I teach my customers how they can better communicate their skills, past experiences and unique abilities to the right audience.  Ultimately, improving their self-awareness and enabling them to identify blockers that are in their way to their next dream job. 

My coaching programs focus on three key topics:

1. Personal Branding (stand out, be found, differentiate yourself)

2. Interviewing Skills (converting opportunities to job offers)

3. Process Management (making all opportunities count)


I’ve spent the last 10 + years in recruitment and leadership roles within recruitment agencies, well-known start-ups and a global tech company. My experience has taught me invaluable skills around the entire recruitment process from the application stage all the way to the offer letter. After spending 10+ years helping well-known companies hire the best talent I've decided to share what I've learned with you directly.

I always enjoy working with people and I'm a firm believer that those who take active ownership of their careers are  the happiest and most engaged. I'm most motivated by helping others achieve their career and job search goals.

I started Careersy Coaching in 2021 because I wanted to share all the nuggets of wisdom I've learned along the way to help empower others to take ownership of their careers.


After spending so much time in recruitment and working with many different people within Technology and IT Engineering,  I've come to the realisation that most careers happen accidentally, however those that have access to  information tend to get better opportunities. Careersy Coaching will empower you to achieve your career goals.
Let's get started! 

My Focus & Specialisation 

I've spent every moment of my professional career helping people find jobs that offer them a better work-life balance. Being born in Germany, I have international recruitment experience and know what it takes to relocate to Australia.


My work in the Australian market has allowed me to help find the best talent for companies like Woolworths Group, Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Tyro, QBE, CBA and many more. I've also worked as an internal recruiter for a Unicorn start-up (Airwallex), a cloud consultancy (Mantel Group) and most recently, one of the largest technology companies in the world (Atlassian). 

Everything I can teach you is based off personal experience and an understanding of how hiring managers and recruiters think and make decisions. All my advice comes from real experience that I've gained over the past decade. 

Having said that, I don't reject clients from non-tech industries because the principals still apply. I just can't speak from personal experience .

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